Founder and CEO Dave Howard operating his first printing press while still a high school student. (c. 1961)

Dave Howard, with his (late) dog Jake.

Author Dave Howard, far right, interviews guests in the television studio during taping of a broadcast of the TV program he hosted for many years.

A very young Dave Howard, summer of 1963, working as a fire lookout for the US Forest Service.

Mr. & Mrs Howard, in front of the Temple of Christ at Camp Mozumdar in southern California. The camp’s founder, A.K. Mozumdar (1864-1953), was an early New Thought teacher who wrote many books and lectured throughout the USA for nearly 50 years.

(The Howards are not affiliated with the camp’s current owners.)

Mr. Howard 2008 Machu Picchu, Peru

At work as editor.


Tokyo, Japan on a trade mission w/then WA State Gov. Gary Locke. (2002)

Dave kneels at the grave of his great-great-great-great grandfather, Nathan Howard (1720 -1777) in Waterford, Connecticut. Elder Nathan was a Baptist preacher who, legend says, was murdered by other Christians in the community who disapproved of his doctrinal views.

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